Helpful Information

Here are just a few reminders to help ensure a successful year:

Backpacks- Please send your child to school with a backpack. This makes it easier to send things home. Thanks!

Drop Off and Pick Up Time- Unless prior arrangements are made, please drop off your child no sooner than 9:55 each morning. And please remember that if you are late in picking your child up after class, a $5 late fee will be collected. 

Toys- Each day your child will have the opportunity to bring something from home for show-and-tell. I encourage each child to participate in this. Please help enforce the rule of only bringing 1 item to class to avoid distractions and to limit the amount of time spent on this activity.

Food and Drinks- We have snack each day around 11 o'clock. It is not permitted for your child to bring food and drinks to class, so please make sure your child eats an adequate breakfast before coming to school.

Bathroom Breaks- Please make sure your child uses the restroom before coming to school. When 1 child asks to go, they all suddenly "have to go." If I could distinguish the real "potty dances" from the fake ones, this wouldn't be a problem, but unfortunately I would rather not take the chance and end up with an accident! :)

Tips from the teacher:

 A new school year is starting and with it comes all kinds of possibilities. How do you help your child have a great year? Follow these helpful hints:

School Year Success…

Make Time. Start by setting aside time everyday to learn what’s on your child’s mind and whether he’s having any problems in school- try to listen more than you talk.

Stay informed. Make an effort to read every flyer, newsletter and calendar that comes home so that you’re up to speed on school events, even if your child forgets to tell you about them.

Meet the Parents. Before and after school and at school activities, chat with the other parents. It’s a great way to share tips and pick up information about what’s happening at school. Plus you’ll make new friends.

Easing Separation…

Plan in Advance. Each night, help your child choose his clothes and what he would like to have for breakfast. You can also work together to prepare snack on the days you have volunteered to do so. This allows you to spend time with your child, as well as it saves precious time in the morning!

Make Time For Breakfast. Wake up 20 minutes earlier that you think you need to, and have a proper sit-down breakfast.

Help You Child Connect with His Teacher. It’s important to show your child that you’re comfortable with his teacher. Try to hand him to the teacher, rather than just leaving him in the room. Expressing your trust in the teacher this way will make it easier for your child and his teacher to get along more comfortably. Once he is engaged with the teacher, it will be easier to say goodbye. For the first few weeks of school, invite your child to bring something he’d like to show the teacher- like a drawing or a favorite book.

Stay Focused on Your Child. Once you get to school, don’t be distracted by talking to other parents until you can tell your child is comfortable enough on his own. At this point in the year, your child needs your full attention before you leave.

Remain Calm. If your child doesn’t want you to leave, try to stay positive. Eventually they will be fine. Every child I have ever taught has never cried longer than a few minutes after their parent has left- your child will be fine. Some children will cry every time their parent leaves for the first week, others cry everyday for months. The important thing to remember is that every child is different and will be comfortable when they are ready to be comfortable. Whether it is actual fears of school, fears of you leaving or just plain crabbiness, they will get over it! Sometimes it is better to keep goodbyes short and sweet, other times it is better to have the teacher help you distract the child in a game while you slip out the door! But before leaving, it is SO IMPORTANT to always say goodbye- even if it is 10 minutes before you actually leave. Each child needs to be told that you are leaving, but also be reassured that you will return.

Create a Goodbye Ritual. Kiss each other three times, slap high fives, or rub noses. Remind your child that you will be back at a set time (after snack) to pick him up. You can also discuss his after-school plans, which will give him something to look forward to.

Tune In. Take time to understand your child’s personal experience of this important transition. Appreciate his pace and style for how he wants the separation to go.